In association with the NFU, the umcs pursue collective aims for a healthy society and the innovation & organization of healthcare in the Netherlands. Together we lobby for the boundary conditions we need to realise those aims. We maintain active contact with ministries and the House of Representatives, among other parties, and act as sparring partner and driver of projects and ideas.

Every day, the umcs of the Netherlands work on improving everyone's health. United in the NFU, the umcs form a partnership that is eminently suited for a coordinating and binding role in the Dutch healthcare landscape. We treat the most complex and rare diseases, conduct scientific research and educate the healthcare professionals of the future. We are working on innovating healthcare. The unique interconnectedness of our core tasks is the strength of the umcs.

The Minister of Medical Care and Sport gave the umcs eight societal tasks, which we are carrying out 24/7. The umcs are specified in the Higher Education & Science Act. 

“With our knowledge, innovations and organisational capacity, we as umcs contribute actively to the care and health of today and tomorrow.”

Margriet Schneider, voorzitter NFU

Let your voice be heard

We feel it is important for ideas from the work field and the innovations we develop to be incorporated properly in national policy. Plus the voice of our 80,000 professionals must be heard. After all, they work with dedication every day to realise a healthier nation.

We are therefore in contact with MPs and show them the practice through e.g. work visits. We also keep them informed proactively of standpoints, problem areas, research outcomes, etc. Sometimes we do that as the NFU on its own, sometimes together with other stakeholders and organisations inside and outside our sector. For our political activities, we participate with other umbrella organisations in:

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