The umcs are working hard on improving the outcomes of care and the experience for their patients. To that end, we are working together in the NFU Quality of Care Consortium.

The Quality of Care Consortium is based on the Multi-year plan 2017-2020. A core aspect of this vision is: good partnership with patients, with teams of professionals who feel jointly responsible for the care and its outcomes for each patient. The two priorities of the multi-year plan are:

  1. the patient as partner;

  2. interprofessional collaboration. 

The core of the multi-year plan (including these two priorities) is clearly presented on this poster.

Three programmes

The umcs proactively started implementing the multi-year plan. Learning and improving for and with the patient is their guiding theme. The multi-year plan is being conducted within the NFU Quality of Care Consortium in three concrete programmes:

  1. Value-driven Care

  2. Education on Quality

  3. Accountable in Another Way

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