How do you go about re-registering in the BIG register exactly? What criteria must basic medical doctors meet? What happens if they do not meet these criteria?

As a basic medical doctor you have to re-register every five years in the BIG register. This re-registration is an instrument to guarantee the quality of care and the safety of patients. It allows you to keep using your professional title. The condition for the five-year re-registration is sufficient work experience. If you do not have this, re-registration is possible by successfully passing a refresher and test programme. The NFU developed this track. We also prepared the legislation (programme criteria). The VUMC Academie provides the programme, supported by the Ministry of VWS.

The programme of the VUMC Academie consists of self-study and testing and is based on the required core competencies of a basic medical doctor derived from the Framework for Undergraduate Medical Education. It is subdivided into three parts: basic knowledge, clinical reasoning and clinical skills. The track starts with a first test about basic knowledge. This parallels the Medicine Interfaculty Progress Test. Has the programme been successfully completed? Then the participant receives the Periodic Registration Certificate (PRC). This allows him/her to re-register in the BIG register.