The position of IC nurses in the umcs has been a topic of discussion for some time. The Covid-19 crisis added a new dimension to this discussion. The NFU commissioned in June, on behalf of the umcs, an investigation of the job evaluation (job weight and differentiated employment) of IC nurses and the internal developments in the position. A workgroup with IC nurses from each umc and a workgroup with job evaluators conducted the study under the guidance of an independent project leader.

On Friday, 13 November 2020, the final report was received by the P&O director of UMCG and Brenda Hoff, deputy HR director of Amsterdam UMC, on behalf of all P&O directors of the umcs. They were impressed by the diligence with which the workgroup undertook its task. “This is an extensive report that explains the enormous task that the two workgroups delivered in such a short time. They worked together with a large group of IC nurses who completed detailed questionnaires and attended sounding board sessions in all UMCs, despite the hectic of the second Covid-19 wave. The involved nurses succeeded in tackling a difficult topic thoroughly. The report is an important step towards clarity about which problems are involved and how we can resolve them. That confirms how important this topic is. “With the same diligence and the same commitment as the nurses, we are starting the following phase. The NFU in consultation with the umcs will carefully examine the conclusions of the study and determine their impact. Together with the IC nurses and the management of the ICU, we shall determine the next steps to take. More will be known about this by the end of November at the latest."