The NFU is given solicited and unsolicited advice by the Advanced Medical Programmes College (CMV).

Knowledge about the advanced medical programmes (specialist) is contributed by all the umcs to the CMV. The members of the College are medical specialists who play a major role on the workfloor and/or are part of the various administrative organs in the advanced medical programmes of the umcs. Registrars training to become medical specialists (specialists in training) also participate in the CMV and form together a specialists-in-training focus group.

The CMV meets six times a year to discuss developments in the advanced medical programmes and developments in the healthcare landscape that affect them. Topics can include, for example, the wellbeing and the personal development of specialists in training, regional training, supervision and quality of training, programme capacity and the programme continuum of medical students towards medical specialist (in training). This provides input from the practice for the NFU and strengthens the collaboration between the umcs.