The umcs provide all forms of medical training, from basic medical training to medical specialist. A great deal of attention is paid to prevention in those programs.

In the new Medical Training Framework 2020 (Raamplan Artsopleiding 2020), prevention is one of the themes. During their training, the doctors of the future learn more about the influence of lifestyle, specific target groups and social context, for example. They are also given useful tools to encourage patients to change their way of living. Here are two examples of prevention as part of the medical training:

Nutrition and lifestyle healthcare

Erasmus MC has a Prevention track for all students and offers various minors in the field of prevention. In Rotterdam the Students and Lifestyle Foundation (Rotterdam) was established. This national platform distributes knowledge about e.g. nutrition and lifestyle among medical students. For example, it provides the 10-day minor Student Experienced in Lifestyle and Food (SELF).

Healthy metropolis

In collaboration with the Rotterdam municipality and the Erasmus School of Health Policy, the Public Health: De Gezonde Grote Stad [the healthy metropolis] minor is offered. Medical students learn more about how to improve the health of a population (group) through collective preventive measures. These could include vaccinations, the organisation of healthcare, education, sanitary solutions and social facilities.