Open Science stands for the transition to making scientific research more open. This means that publications, data, software and other forms of scientific information are shared at the earliest possible stage and made available for reuse.

Open Science has become easier with the emergence of digital technologies and new forms of collaboration. As a result, science has entered an accelerated transition. Across the borders of countries and sectors, more and more and faster sharing and collaboration can be done to solve complex societal and technological issues. In short, the easier sharing of scientific data and results is creating a momentum in science and healthcare. FAIR data, open access and citizen science are important spearheads for the NFU.

Open Science NL

In 2022, OCW Minister Dijkgraaf announced additional investments to boost the transition to open science. The spending of those extra funds is through Open Science NL, which was established in 2023 and builds on the objectives of National Open Science Programme.
The mission of Open Science NL is to make open science the norm in the Netherlands within ten years. The starting point for this is the plans laid down in NPOS2030 Ambition Document and Rolling Agenda. The NFU, as one of the partners of Open Science NL, prepared this document in 2022 as part of the National Programme Open Science.