The NFU Future-Proof Care Board consists of an independent chairman and seven members from the umcs, one representative from each umc.

The Board advises the NFU solicited and unsolicited on training for and development of the nursing and medical support professions.

Topics include:

  • Binding, captivating, retaining and moving healthcare professionals.
  • New vision on professionalization with a focus on training, learning and development of healthcare professionals.
  • Innovation in care training, partly as a result of labor market developments.
  • The differentiated deployment of nurses.

In 2023, the College will focus on improving the positioning of nurse specialists and physician assistants in the umcs, among other things. In response to the adopted CTZ advice on this, a working group is currently being set up to bring together developments from both within and outside the umcs and to jointly build on them.

Work is also being done on the safeguarding of the VIP programme in which new role descriptions for nurses have been delivered, and on advice on the further implementation of the EPA system for training courses for nursing (further) training and medical support training.

The CTZ members are:

  • Hester Vermeulen (voorzitter)
  • Kjeld Aij (Erasmus MC)
  • Jolanda ter Sluysen (Radboudumc)
  • Kareliene Pouw (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Marjolein Heemels (MUMC+)
  • Rianne van Melzen (UMCG)
  • Janneke de Man (LUMC)
  • Renate Zijlstra (UMCU)