The aim is to discuss together with the patient which care would suit him/her the best. The Training and programme part-project wants to embed this in the programme and refresher training of healthcare professionals.

The national programme Outcome-oriented care runs until 2022. In it, the NFU collaborates with other patients’ associations and the Ministry of VWS. Its aim: improve the quality of life for the patient, and increase the job satisfaction and quality of the caregiver. Various projects are being conducted within. Outcome-oriented care. One of them is Deciding together.

Deciding together concerns a joint discussion between the healthcare professional and the patient to decide which care suits the patient best. Its starting point: a treatment is only considered a good fit if it matches the patient’s personal situation and needs. The medical knowledge of the healthcare professional and the patient’s knowledge of their own wishes and needs complement each other. 

One important condition for making decisions together is that caregivers are well trained in discussing with the patient which treatment suits him/her the best. That is why the Training and programme part-project was set up within Deciding together. Which medical policy suits the patient? How do I take into account his/her wishes, relevant options, benefits and disadvantages of a therapy, etc.? The Training and programme part-project strives to have the advanced programme of the healthcare professional of the future prepare him/her to be able to take well-considered decisions together with the patient about the right care in the right place.