To realise the goal of the right healthcare in the right place, the NFU maintains close and frequent contact with the government.

To promote patient healthcare, the NFU also participates in various consultation structures and partnerships, including the Agenda for Healthcare and the administrative COVID-consultation.

Agenda for Healthcare

The aim of the Agenda for Healthcare is stimulating the Cabinet to make the right investments in patient healthcare. In this partnership, the NFU has joined forces with a wide range of healthcare parties: KNMG, the Dutch GGZ, ActiZ, FMS, GGD GHOR, Iederin, Ineen, KBO-PCOB, LHV, NVZ, Patients’ Federation, VGN, V&VN, and ZN.  Their mutual goal is ensuring that patients can continue to count on the right healthcare in the future. They want to keep healthcare accessible, affordable, inclusive and high quality.

As collaborative healthcare parties we are combining our strengths for the future of healthcare

Margriet Schneider, voorzitter NFU

In a letter to the informateur, the collaborative parties called on the Cabinet in April 2021 to produce a broad investment agenda for healthcare, by:

  • investing in a long-term prevention programme, with room for science and innovation.

  • offering support to the healthcare parties to provide enjoyment at work and career perspectives for healthcare professionals, including a suitable salary.

  • creating the correct boundary conditions for extensive digitalisation, like eHealth.

The Agenda for Healthcare parties organise annually The Great Healthcare Debate. During it, members of the House of Representatives debate the current state and the future of healthcare.

Administrative COVID-consultation

The NFU is an active participant in the COVID-consultation on patient healthcare arranged by the Minister of Medical Care and Sport with all patients’ associations during the pandemic. At the peak of the COVID crisis, this group met every week; it was also called the ‘Hand on the tap’-consultation.