Umcs conduct research both intramurally and extramurally. They stimulate, initiate and coordinate research and innovation in their region in close collaboration with other parties.

By stimulating regional research and innovation, the umcs are fulfilling their societal role as regional academic driver.

Think locally, act globally

The plan specifies how the umcs assume their societal responsibility by carrying out scientific research and innovation more often regionally. For tomorrow’s healthcare, close to home. The umcs work closely together with care and prevention providers in the region, local authorities, GGDs [Municipal Health Services], universities of applied science, other research and knowledge institutes and healthcare insurers. The questions and needs of patients and citizens form the focus of this work. For each region, knowledge and innovation agendas have been set up. 

For each umc a quartermaster has been appointed, who drives the implementation of the plan.

Are you curious about how the umcs strengthen research and innovation in their region?