Many benefits can be achieved when the umcs make bulk purchases of devices and medicines and when the purchase processes are better arranged. The NFU bulk purchasing programme is working actively towards this goal.

NFU bulk purchasing wants to significantly increase the percentage of bulk purchasing by umcs: to at least 30% of the purchasing budget of €2 billion per year*. We want to achieve that through:

  • purchasing innovative and standard medical devices that suit the requirements of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality healthcare;

  • contributing to good and affordable healthcare, education, training and research by purchasing products and services for an optimal price-quality ratio and thus dealing responsibly with public funding;

  • augmenting the innovative character of the umcs through collaboration with the market;

  • strengthening the competitive position of the umcs and increasing their influence on the market;

  • powerfully and efficiently employing the available personnel and means. 

This is a way of facing the societal developments that the umcs are confronted with:

  • the rising cost of medicines;

  • the changing financial flows and legislation with the lagging increase in income; 

  • rapid and extensive technological developments;

  • the growing need to create added value for patients and to integrate sustainability in business processes;

  • suppliers that continue to consolidate and increase in strength.

The power of seven

The starting point of the NFU bulk purchasing programme is that the umcs present a united front. Together they can face suppliers and synergistically utilize the existing qualities and knowledge. All seven working together, unless. It is important that a umc that does not participate in something can explain why it is not doing so (‘comply or explain’). 

* Excluding the expenses for medicines