The umcs are working hard to employ more people with an occupational disability and keep them employed. How can they achieve these goals?

In 2015 the government introduced the Participation Act. Employers, including the umcs, agreed to provide work for 125,000 people with an occupational disability by 2026: the Jobs quota agreement in the Jobs and Jobs Quota (Work Disabled Persons) Act. The NFU supports the aim of the umcss to develop into inclusive academic care organisations. The umcs currently have more than 550 jobs for people with an occupational disability. And that number grows every year. The NFU has set up a learning circle, in which participants from all umcs share their best practices. There is also a website with a practical toolbox.

Who exactly falls under the Jobs quota agreement? Which organisations can help? How can people with an occupational disability best be supported? These and other questions are answered in the Jobs quota agreement Toolbox. In it, the NFU offers practical tips for umcs and shows successful practical examples of: 

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