Letting research and innovation grow and flourish in the Netherlands is the aim of the Knowledge coalition, of which the NFU forms part.

The Knowledge Coalition is a partnership of Dutch research and innovation parties. The NFU collaborates in it together with the universities (VSNU), KNAW, VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland NWO, universities of applied science (VH) and the institutes for applied research (TO2). Together they are striving for the optimal conditions to promote excellent research and innovation in the Netherlands. Its aim: let the knowledge economy flourish, for a healthier and more prosperous society. This should lead to a flexible and resilient knowledge society within a competitive European knowledge economy.

The Knowledge Coalition is an important dialogue partner for the government. Whether commissioned by the government or on its own initiative, the Knowledge Coalition aims to stimulate research and innovation in the Netherlands in a variety of ways. It was present at the launch of the National Science Agenda in 2015, a commission of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

The COVID-19 crisis showed once again how important public investments in science are, and how essential a good basic infrastructure is, for example for an accelerated development of vaccines and therapies.

Margriet Schneider, voorzitter NFU

Recovery after COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a worldwide crisis. In the coming years, our society will have to recover from it. Research and innovation can ensure that this recovery proceeds faster, more sustainably and effectively.

For the coming 10 years, the Knowledge Coalition has proposed to the Cabinet increasing the investments in research and innovation every year by €300 - 380 million. With such investments the Netherlands will arrive at an investment level of 3% of GDP for research and innovation by 2030. Only in this way can the Netherlands continue to measure up to other European countries in terms of scientific performance and innovation.

You can read more here about the Knowledge Coalition’s appeal to the Cabinet.