Healthcare information is the main element in the healthcare process. Doctors, nurses, the patients themselves and other caregivers are constantly recording a range of data. That is why it is important to record all data clearly just once. The national Citrienfonds programme Recording at the source is striving for this goal.

Recording at the source is part of the Citrienfonds. This fund is an initiative of the NFU and is made possible by ZonMw. The Citrienfonds strives for sustainable and broadly applicable improvements in healthcare.

Healthcare information always available everywhere

Recording at the source is an initiative of the NFU and Nictiz. The Dutch Hospitals Association, V&VN and the Federation of Medical Specialists have also joined in. The programme has clear objectives for 2020. These objectives are embraced by the Information Council, the comprehensive, administrative consultation with healthcare parties in the field under the leadership of VWS.

This video explains what Recording at the source does.

Recording at the source means for…

  • patients: that they always have access everywhere to their own healthcare information, in understandable language. This enables them to control their treatment and care as far as possible.

  • healthcare professionals: that they record data clearly just once, which are then available for all caregivers who need this information later in the healthcare process. Recording clearly just once corresponds directly to a lower recording burden.

  • researchers: that scientific research can be accelerated.

For more information and practical examples, please refer to the program’s website: