The job matrix for all umcs is clear, well-organised and explicable. All umcs feel it is important to approach job categories and job evaluation in the same way. They also want job categories to be flexible enough to keep up with current developments. That is their intention when updating Fuwavaz.

Fuwavaz is in need of updating. In the past 13 years, no updates have been done. As a result, the umcs have developed their own job descriptions, which no longer match. We want to return to a single application of Fuwavaz, so it is clear, well-organised and explicable for everyone.

There will be one job matrix with current and uniform job descriptions for all umcs. What will that involve?

  • Up-to-date: the job description fits the work that the person is doing, jobs succeed each other logically, and career paths join up.
  • Uniform: changes, for example because of a new cao, can be implemented clearly and rapidly, and there will be no differences in and between the umcs.

To this end, the umcs are joining forces in the NFU-programme Updating Fuwavaz. The NFU and the unions will decide on this topic together. It is an extensive project that will take a long time. We are currently still in discussion with the unions about the right approach, and preliminary preparations for the tender are proceeding. It is expected that the selection of the supplier will not be complete before the second half of 2023. At that time, the umcs will get started with the updating together with the unions and the supplier.

Your daily tasks in your job will not change. The conceptualisation and implementation of new standard job descriptions involve a technical, administrative conversion. You retain your guaranteed salary as planned in the old salary scale.

More information
Would you like more information? Please contact NFU programme manager Hedwig Pijnenburg. We will keep you informed of progress through this website.