The unions and the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) met again today to discuss a new cao for UMC employees.

The discussion was unfortunately not very productive. The NFU delegation would have liked to discuss the different substantial issues further, such as improving the travel expenses compensation, a generational policy, supplementing the maternity and parental leave, possibilities to save up leave, and measures to ensure a better work-life balance. The unions indicated clearly, however, that they did not wish to continue the discussion on the basis of the current proposals.

To keep the momentum going in the process and continue the talks productively, the NFU has taken the initiative to present a new proposal. It will be discussed next week. “There are certainly possibilities for getting closer to a consensus,” stated the NFU-negotiators Gabriël Zwart and Karen Kruijthof. “We expect a positive follow-up next week. We would like to have made more progress already so we could give our employees some clarity.”