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1-1-2020: CAO UMC 2018-2020 adjusted 
The CAO UMC is amended from 1 January 2020 after agreement with the trade unions. This was necessary because as of 1 January 2020 the Law on normalisation legal position civil servants (Wnra) has entered into force. 
This law regulates that cilivil servants are granted the same rights and obligations as employees in business and are also covered by private labour law.  
Employees of  VUmc and Radboudumc are already covered by private labour law. 

Check out the English version of the CAO UMC 2018-2020 here.

Although the adapted CAO UMC 2018-2020 only applies from 1 January 2020, it can already be viewed. Check out the English version here.

Read more about the Wnra here and watch the information film with short-deepening animations. 

For specific information about the consequences of being occupationally disabled while working at an umc, please read the brochures Occupationally disabled in the UMC. What now? and Your income when unable to work in the UMC.

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