In recent years, the amount of attention paid to valorisation has increased, and it is now considered one of the core tasks of the UMCs. Translating the knowledge gained in the laboratory or clinic to the market is currently high on the agenda of the UMCs.

High-quality scientific knowledge can also be economically relevant. There is a reason why our economy is increasingly being defined as a ‘knowledge economy’. Knowledge institutions such as the UMCs have the social responsibility to contribute to economically productive innovations. Economic development is an excellent way to ensure that new knowledge will benefit the patient, in the form of improved diagnosis and treatment. Naturally, the utmost care is taken within the field of tension between commercial applications, scientific practice and clinical practice.

All UMCs have the expertise to seek out interesting inventions and to support employees in patenting these inventions. All of the activities in this area have taken shape at the UMCs in Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs).

The UMCs have agreed on which result data they will collect for knowledge valorisation.

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