Research and innovation

Knowledge is the basis for good healthcare. Almost all Dutch (bio)medical research takes place at UMCs. They directly translate this knowledge into broad-use applications. Hence, the UMCs are where important innovations originate.

The UMCs align their research agenda with social issues, such as the increased number of chronic illnesses and the rising costs of healthcare. This takes place at the national, European and international level. This allows the urgent issues to be addressed. The UMCs actively take part in Dutch top sector policy and in setting the agenda of the European Commission for Research and Innovation.

The basis for responding to issues is shaped by:

  • ­The strong scientific foundation that the UMCs have thanks to their close relationship with the university;
  • ­The strengthening of cooperation with private parties.
  • The UMCs can fulfil their public task together; for example, by increasing their mutual cooperation or by bringing about an improved relationship between patient care and research.

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