Quality of care

The vision of the UMCs regarding quality of care is based on an integral approach to patient care, education and research. Due to the combination of core tasks, the UMCs are pre-eminently suited to play an important role in improving quality.

The topic of ‘quality of care’ is on everyone’s agenda – healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and patients and their loved ones. Healthcare providers are increasingly being addressed about their responsibility for quality as such, but also about the manner in which they provide insight into their performance and the way they work towards improvement. And rightfully so, the UMCs believe.

With the help of the Quality of Care Consortium and the mental capacity and manpower of all 65,000 employees, structural quality improvement is being strived for within the UMCs themselves. Scientific research, education and training all contribute to improving all aspects of healthcare. And multidisciplinary knowledge and infrastructure contribute to policy development and quality measurement.

The NFU wants to make a visible contribution to improving patient care and to scientific research on this topic. The developed knowledge is actively distributed within the university medical centres and conveyed to other parties in curative care. Furthermore, the NFU believes it is important to ensure that ‘quality of care’ has a place within medical education, both in the basic curriculum as well as in advanced training programmes.

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