Future scenarios

The aim of the UMCs is to continuously modernise the educational curriculum and to adapt it to societal requirements. The goal is to increase the quality and efficiency of healthcare through more variation in education, in respect to content as well as duration.

The goals of the UMCs by 2020 are to further elaborate and implement the future scenarios; if necessary, to expand the educational capacity of the UMCs in order to arrive at optimal and efficient use of healthcare professionals; and to optimise the ‘éducation permanente’, i.e. continuous vocational retraining and additional training of healthcare professionals.

The future scenarios for education and training are as follows:

  • The medical specialist advanced training will become more flexible;
  • The medical specialist will increasingly be freed of simpler tasks, allowing him/her to focus on the complex healthcare issues;
  • Cost savings due to decreased efforts spent by medical specialists on less complex healthcare issues and tasks;
  • Cross-discipline education will become more efficient because the education will be spread out over several disciplines.

By executing and implementing the future scenarios, the NFU hopes and expects to contribute - via the content of its medical education programmes - to the discussion on the future of healthcare in the Netherlands, provided by motivated and expert professional groups, with excellent quality, accessible to and affordable for everyone who needs this care.

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