About the NFU

The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra) (NFU) represents the eight cooperating UMCs in the Netherlands, as an advocate for and employer of 65,000 people. The NFU was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the University Hospitals Association (Vereniging Academische Ziekenhuizen) (VAZ), which was established in 1989. The objective has remained the same: to ensure that agencies that decide healthcare issues in the Netherlands take into account the special role of the academic hospitals (in the past) and the UMCs (presently).

The NFU’s administration consists of the chairpersons of the eight boards of directors of the university medical centres. The NFU’s chairmanship is held by a chairperson of one of the eight UMCs and has a term of two years.

  • Mr prof. dr. E.J. (Ernst) Kuipers, Erasmus MC (Chairperson)
  • Mr mr. J.F.M. (Jos) Aartsen, UMCG (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Mr prof. dr. W.J.M. (Willy) Spaan, LUMC
  • Mr drs. W.J. (Wouter) Bos, VUmc
  • Mr drs. L.A.M. (Leon) van Halder, Radboudumc
  • Ms prof. dr. M.M.E. (Margriet) Schneider, UMC Utrecht
  • Mr prof. dr. J.A. (Hans) Romijn, AMC
  • Ms prof. dr. M.P. (Marja) van Dieijen-Visser, Maastricht UMC+

Executive committees
The administration is represented and supported by three executive committees: steering and financing, employment conditions and substantive issues. The latter is divided into education and research, which is chaired by a dean, and training and patient care. These executive committees are staffed by the assembly of financial directors, P&O directors and medical directors, respectively. General process and content support is provided by coordinators, policy staff and the secretariat of the NFU office.

Governance code
The UMCs have had their own UMC governance code since 2008, which is derived from the Dutch healthcare governance code. This UMC governance code takes into account the specific responsibilities of the UMCs with respect to – among other things – higher education and scientific research, training and the associated care.

NFU Health Lecturea
The NFU’s external communication activities are primarily focused on public affairs. One of the resources in this regard is the NFU Health Lecture, which was organised every year from 2010 until 2014 on the second Tuesday of September.
The first NFU Health Lecture was given by Mr prof. Lennart Persson, New Karolinsky University Hospital.
The second was given by Mr drs. Wouter Bos, KPMG, and the third by Mr prof. dr. Ab Klink, Booz & Company.
The fourth was given by Mr prof. dr. Gert Westert, Radboud university medical center.
And the fifth was given by Mr drs. Guy Peeters, NFU, Mrs. drs. Anemone Bögels, Levenmetkanker, Mrs. prof. dr. Vivianne Tjan-Heijnen, Maastricht UMC+, Mr prof. dr. Peter Huijgens, IKNL and Mr Gert-Jan Borghuis, NFU.

Photos NFU Health Lecture

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